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East Bay Women’s Network is an organization committed to empowering professional women by supporting the development of their businesses, careers, and dreams. EBWN creates a unique environment where entrepreneurial women are inspired, educated and exposed to valuable networking, mentorship, and professional development support. At our monthly Wednesday luncheons, events, and the EBWN website, enterprising women can showcase their businesses and cultivate relationships. Each EBWN member has a mission of encouraging and focusing on women succeeding in today’s business world.
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  • Mega Networking!

Mega Networking!

Wednesday April 2, 2014

This month, YOU are center stage at EBWN’s Mega Networking event! We will be spending quality time building connections and obtaining …Read More…

What Members Say

I love EBWN because I get to meet with powerful business women each month and learn how to make my business better.
Maggie Caracciolo, Basic Bookkeeping
As a new business owner, EBWN has been a perfect environment for networking. EBWN provides top-notch speakers each month, plentiful resources and opportunities to learn as I grow my business.
Tumikia Watu-Khuthaza, TWK Web & Print Design
EBWN helped me take my business to the next level by giving me many opportunities to speak and give presentations. It’s the only organization where I can give a 5 minute presentation as a member and really get my message out there. I give EBWN a 5 STAR rating for fun, food and connecting, with lots of opportunities to be involved.
Pam Whitman, Transition Point
The East Bay Women’s Network has helped me take my business to the next level by surrounding myself with the leaders in the community who wish to strengthen business connections and corroborate with new business strategies.  Additionally, this dynamic networking group has allowed me to spread my passion for chiropractic care and has encouraged my leadership skills to blossom.
I love EBWN for the great energy and the opportunity to connect with incredible business women. I met Ann Evanston and Laurie Ratto through EBWN. Laurie provides a holistic approach to lowering blood pressure without medication. I love the process and my blood pressure is dropping. Ann Evanston is a Warrior-Preneur who will inspire & motivate you to the next level. JUST BE READY! She has a great gift!

Member Blog

  • Mastering Mindset to Manage Stress

Mastering Mindset to Manage Stress

  • March 19th, 2014

Stress is a normal part of entrepreneurship, especially for women who are also balancing the demands of family and volunteer or community activities. Yet we don’t have to let stress debilitate us. We can implement effective BodyMindSprit Self-Care Practices so that we manage our …Read More…

  • Slowing Down the Pace

Slowing Down the Pace

  • February 3rd, 2014

Slowing Down the Pace for those of us who thought 2013 flew by fast, I suspect the pace of January 2014 affirmed that there is no slowing of the pace. To top that, we’ve entered the Chinese Lunar New Year of the Wood Horse. …Read More…

  • New Year Blessings!

New Year Blessings!

  • December 30th, 2013

As you prepare for new opportunities and possibilities in 2014, I encourage you to review what worked this year; what you have to celebrate and the practices you want to continue using and developing in the coming year. This is also an ideal time …Read More…